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How creative agency MAGIC PENCIL built a custom content marketing assistant for its clients, using Finity Data.

Jan 20, 2018

The situation

Our customer, MAGIC PENCIL, is a creative and brand building agency based in Switzerland and the UK, with an international client base. Magic Pencil were interested in providing their clients with an innovative solution to streamline the processes and services that facilitate day-to-day marketing tasks. Anyone who has experienced the complexity of finding relevant content to share on social media, or monitored news related to a business newcomer in an ever-changing ecosystem of stakeholders, knows that the task is often extremely time-consuming and very often poorly actionable.

We’re always striving to find ways we can help our customers to stand out. We wanted to help them collect valuable, truly impactful content – whether to aid competitive intelligence or to enhance content marketing. We searched for tools but nothing really met our needs. They were either too complex to use or not mappable to our customers’ specific environments. In the end, we felt the only viable solution was to sculpt our own tool, based on Finity Data.”

Fredrik Karlström (CEO, Magic Pencil)

The approach

We engaged a 3-step process with Magic Pencil…

Firstly, the Finity team and Magic Pencil predefined the core functionalities of the tool that could match with Magic Pencil’s customers’ needs; essentially related to the sharing and visualisation of the content collected by Finity Data. What would be the purpose of this tool? What will their clients do with it? How would they collaborate on it and what type of insights from the information would they need to gain? The answers to these questions were essential in order for Finity to design an efficient and truly actionable client experience.

Secondly, once the custom solution was configured and connected to Finity Data, Finity and Magic Pencil facilitated workshops with each relevant Magic Pencil client to define precisely the type of content (fine-grained topics, semantic angles, social vibrations, etc) they would need to be truly impactful in their activities – whether in competitive intelligence, topic monitoring or content collection for content marketing inspiration.

Finally, once these criteria were implemented by Finity Data scientists, the individualized solution was presented to each client, along with a training workshop.

The result

Magic Pencil is now able to provide its clients with a custom-built content monitoring assistant, fully tailored to each of their client’s needs. This tool even has a name: MagiContent 🙂

The solution greatly helps Magic Pencil’s clients to: 

a) find stunning content published anywhere on the web, covering extremely complex and targeted topics in order to nourish their content marketing strategy

b) glean useful insights about social media resonance of such content and discover communities of interest interacting with them on any social media,