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Content Marketing Assistant

Collect great content to share and reach your audience
wherever they are:

• Social Networks • Email Newsletters • Web

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Behind the scenes

We use natural language processing, machine learning and social signals to analyse and extract the most relevant and engaging stories from social media and the web.

  • 300,000,000

    Social Posts analyzed per day

  • 50,000,000

    News sites and blogs monitored

  • 20,000,000

    News articles collected per day

About us

  • Finity is the result of the merger between Paper.li and Shore.li - 2 companies that have been around long enough to have witnessed the birth of social media.

    We’re a company of 15 spread across 8 cities in the US and Europe. Our headquarters is in Lausanne, Switzerland, but hey, our customers are everywhere, and so are we.

    We have fun, experiment, treat people right, keep learning and do exceptional work. We stay focused on making stuff that makes a difference and invest in engineering, data science, customer support and great design.

  • Over the years we’ve been fortunate to earn the repeat business of thousands of customers including some of the world’s largest - and smallest - companies. We are committed to earning the trust of these companies, and of course, we hope plenty of others.

    If you’re just browsing, enjoy your stay. If you’d like to become a customer, we’d love to have you. Either way, thanks for visiting Finity.

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